AIM Performing Arts Childcare Centre – NUTRITION! 

At AIMPAC, we believe when children receive proper nutrition, rest and interact respectfully with teachers and peers, their ability to engage in play and learning activities expands and their social relationships flourish. For this reason, we place a keen emphasis on providing the highest quality care in each of these areas! So, let’s talk nutrition at AIMPAC! Welcome to the “HAPPY CAFE” where meals are fresh, fun and delicious. We prepare, so you don’t have to. 

Our meals have a variety of healthy ingredients, flavor, texture and color – making them appealing for our littlest learners. Freshly prepared, wholesome meals, provide children with the nutrients and energy they need to learn, play and grow! We believe that good nutrition is a key part of our programming and that promoting healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle is one of our goals. We know that the right food at the right time, not only boosts energy, but can elevate a child’s mood and thinking skills during a crucial development stage. That’s why our facility is staffed with a chef who follows a balanced menu of fresh meals and healthy snacks. You can rest assured that your little one is eating well throughout the day at AIM Performing Arts Centre. 

Take a peek at our sample menu plan:

Sample Menu - Arts in Motion Red Deer

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