Miss Brianne

Favorite Animal: Monkeys 🐒 – they are so silly and they dont take life too seriously!

Favorite Hobby: DANCE DANCE DANCE!!

Where I Grew Up: Blackfalds & Lacombe

Favorite Place to Travel: Somewhere new everytime! There is just so much beautiful world that I never want to see the same place twice.

Favorite Food: Sushi… yuuummmy! 😋

Favorite Book: Charlottes Web by E.B White 🕸

Favorite Family Movie: Finding Nemo

Favorite Color: Pink!!!

Fun fact about me…I have been around Dance Magic for more than 10 years! You might recognize or know me from the many roles I have played here at DM as a dance instructor, office staff, Assistant teacher coordinator, and many more!

My favorite part about working at AIMPAC is…The kiddos are truly the best part! I enjoy learning their personalities and little quirks, I enjoy building relationships with each student, and I really love meeting their families. We spend so much time with these sweet little faces and we really do love them like our own. There is nothing better than being loved and trusted by a child. We do a lot of learning through song and dance at AIMPAC and who doesn’t love to sing and dance their way through the day!? I absolutely LOVE sharing my passion of music and dance with the children. In my opinion, there is just no better way to learn!

Miss Courtney

Favorite Animal: I love Giraffes!

Favorite Hobby: I love dance, bowling and art. I love to draw, colour, paint…you name it!

Where I Grew Up: Red deer, born and raised

Favorite Place to Travel? I haven’t done much travelling but I would love to go to New York or Spain

Favorite Meal: Pizza

Favorite Book: Honestly I really like Robert Munsch books

Favorite Family Movie: Tangled and The Greatest Showman

Favorite Color: Navy Blue and Yellow

Fun fact about me…I collect rubber ducks!

My favorite part about working at AIMPAC is…The kids and the amazing team!

Miss Breann

Favorite Animal: Even though im allergic, I love puppies!

Favorite Hobby? Reading and Hiking

Where I Grew Up: Calgary

Favorite Place to Travel? Mexico

Favorite Food? Chilli Chicken & Wontons (from Earls 😋)

Favorite Book? Boxitechs – Kim Smith

Favorite Family Movie? Monsters Inc

Favorite Color: Purple

Fun fact about me…I love to bake! Especially cupcakes. Decorating them is my favorite part!

My favorite part about working at AIMPAC is…The love and support that everyone gives to eachother. It’s such a special team and I’m so happy I get to be a part of it.

Miss Venus

Favorite Animal: Cat

Favorite Hobby: Watching TV Series or Movies

Where I Grew Up: Philippines

Favorite Place to Travel: I would love to travel around Southeast Asia

Favorite Food: Filipino Dish called Sinigang (pork)

Favorite Book: Ikigai

Favorite Family Movie: Seven Sundays (Ph movie)

Favorite Color: Purple

Fun fact about me…I study Chemical Engineering when I was in the Philippines./ I love gummy bears!

My favorite part about working at AIMPAC is…I really love the environment, and the kids. Working with kids and with great people is fun!

Miss Brianna

Favorite Animal: Sea Lion

Favorite Hobby: Golf

Where I Grew Up: Youngstown, AB

Favorite Place to Travel? Cabo

Favorite Meal: Tacos

Favorite Family Movie: Toy Story

Favorite Color: Black

Fun fact about me…I have a daughter named Lola!

My favorite part about working at AIMPAC is…Spending time with amazing kids!!


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