Miss Christine

Favorite Animal: Horse

Favorite Hobby: Being in Nature!

Where I Grew Up: Red Deer

Favorite Place to Travel: Hawaii

Favorite Food: Chips & Dip!

Favorite Book: I love anything to do with personal development and leadership. I love to learn!

Favorite Family Movie: The Greatest Showman

Favorite Color: Purple

Fun fact about me…Before purchasing Dance Magic Studio in 2006, I was a Pilates instructor and spent 2 years working on the Norwegian Cruise Line and Silver Sea Cruises as a professional dancer. 

My favorite part about working at AIMPAC is…The children, the families and the incredible team we have at AIMPAC. I value the place we hold in the lives of our AIMPAC community and find such joy in seeing the children grow through their programs. It feels incredible to be chosen to share this special and important piece of life with our families and is responsibility we all care for with great pride. I’ll always be grateful for the relationships, the laughter and the hugs that fill my days! 


Miss Jana

Favorite Animal: Horses

Favorite Hobby: Gardening & making flower arrangements

Where I Grew Up: Grandview, Manitoba (small town, wonderful community)

Favorite Place to Travel: Hawaii 🌺

Favorite Food: Pizza and Cupcakes

Favorite Book: To name a few (as I have so many favs): The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Because a Little Bug went Ka-CHOO!, In My Heart and Something from Nothing

Favorite Family Movie: Top 3: Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Lion King

Favorite Color: Turquoise (green & blue mixed together)

Fun fact about me…I’m a big Oilers fan so get ready to see some orange, white & blue!

My favorite part about working at AIMPAC is…I love to be surrounded by such an amazing staff and my favourite thing is to PLAY! I love talking to children as they truly brighten my day and I can’t wait to hear what they will say! ❤️

Miss Tianna

Favorite Aniumal: Sloth or Penguin!

Favorite Hobby: Exercise of any kind – dance, hiking, yoga or the gym!

Where I Grew Up: Lived in good ol’ Estevan, SK until Grade 4 then Red Deer!

Favorite Place to Travel: The Mountains!

Favorite Food: Pho

Favorite Book: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Favorite Family Movie: Any movie from the Planet Earth Franchise 🙂

Favorite Color: Red…any shade!

Fun fact about me…I have a port-wine stain birthmark on my right hand that changes colour with my body temperature (pale purple when I’m too cold and bright red when I’m too hot!)

My favorite part about working at AIMPAC is…My team, the families, the kids…I love it all! I couldn’t be more lucky to be part of such a positive & supportive team. I see the impact that AIM makes in peoples lives on a daily basis and it just makes my heart happy!

Miss Kristin
Miss Sheila

Favorite Animal: Bird

Favorite Hobby: Taking care of plants

Where I Grew Up: Surrey BC

Favorite place to travel: Hawaii

Favorite Food: Dark chocolate

Favorite Book: The Bible

Favorite Family Movie: Finding Nemo

Favorite Color: Blue

Fun fact about me…I like to sing!

My favorite part about working at AIMPAC is…The friendly managers and staff!

Miss Ginny

Favorite Animal: Penguins

Favorite Hobby: Camping, cooking and baking

Where I Grew Up: Red Deer

Favorite Place to Travel: The Mountains

Favorite Food: Lasagna or popcorn

Favorite Book: Sometimes I like to curl up in a ball (my kids fav when they were little)

Favorite Family Movie: Anything Disney or Christmas!

Favorite Color: Red

Fun fact about me…I have 2 Daughters named Jordyn and Sarah

My favorite part about working at AIMPAC is…The kids! As well as the family like atmosphere.

Miss Kristin

Favorite Animal: Sea Turtle

Favorite Hobby: Reading and Kettlebells

Where I Grew Up: Kitchener, Ontario

Favorite Place to Travel: Anywhere hot!

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Family Movie: The Descendants

Favorite Color: Blue

Fun fact about me…I’ve lived in Alberta for 7 years and love it here.

My favorite part about working at AIMPAC is…Watching all the babies grow up and interact with each other.

Miss Jenna

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Hobby: Playing softball

Where I Grew Up: Provost, AB

Favorite Place To Travel: The Mountains

Favorite Food: Cheese Burgers

Favorite Book: The Harry Potter Books

Favorite Family Movie: The Incredibles

Favorite Color: Purple

My favorite part about working at AIMPAC is…Working with such positive people!

Fun fact about me: I am the youngest in my family. I have an older brother and sister!


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