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11 Questions to ask when choosing a Preschool

check What is the schools educational philosophy? Through hands-on, meaningful experiences in the arts, children at Arts in Motion Performing Arts Preschool are able to explore the world through their inherent and natural curiosities. Our goal is to provide an educational playground for the mind of our students with experience in dance, music, art and drama.  We strive to provide children and their families with a developmentally appropriate, nurturing, high quality and fine arts based experience. Our goal is to allow children to engage in their curiosities and explore the world around them, in a safe, fun, active and stimulating environment. We believe an arts education is the answer to preparing young minds and bodies for a creative world.

check What is your student to teacher ratio? Our maximum teacher to student ratio is 8:1.

check What kind of credentials do the teachers hold? We will have a minimum of one staff member certified with one of the following credentials: Education Degree, Child Development Worker or the equivalent.  The aid in the classroom will have the minimum education of a Child Development Assistant.  We have high standards in choosing members of our team and will always ensure that the personality and education of our staff are of utmost importance.

check Do all the teachers hold First Aid training? Yes, all of our teachers will have proper and current First Aid Training.

check How strict is the school about dropping off and picking kids up by a certain time? Our school will be open 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time and will remain open for 15 minutes after the end of the lesson. Parents are required to remain in the school lobby with their child until the classroom doors open for drop off 2 minutes prior to the start of class time.

check What are your child release and security policies? At the time a child is dropped off in our facility, the instructor will complete an attendance count. Using these numbers, our educators must do continuous head counts to ensure that all children are accounted for.  Children are also required to leave with a properly identified adult as they leave the facility.  Our staff will not release a child until an adult is accompanying them, and it must be an adult who has the parents’ consent to pick the child up.  If needed, some adults may be required to show photo ID to verify who they are.

check What is your discipline policy if a child misbehaves? At Arts In Motion Performing Arts Preschool, discipline is used as a means to help children gain an understanding of problem solving skills, self- regulation, control and to help them engage in positive interactions with one another. Our discipline policy facilitates a positive approach when dealing with each unique conflict situation.  It is our intent to provide each child with a learning experience, should an altercation arise. Talking about feelings, emotions, appropriate ways to use words and evaluating choices will be the most useful tools our staff members utilize in such situations. Each circumstance is different but will be dealt with using sensitivity, care and fairness. If at any time, a child becomes upset, they will be comforted and re- directed as needed. Our staff will do the best they can to prevent conflict problems by having the children follow simple rules, provide consistency regarding the rules, highlight appropriate behaviour using words/gestures, model proper behaviour, and monitor the classroom very carefully at all times with proper supervision.

check Are snacks provided? As per licensing requirements, snack time is present in our daily schedue. Parents are required to supply a snack for their child each day, in a properly labelled snack pack/lunch box. Due to severe allergies, we ask that you help us remain a nut free facility. Parents are also asked to bring a water bottle for their child each day.

checkDo you have field trips? Yes! We will be offering 3 or more educational field trip opportunities throughout the season.

check Is there a requirement for parents to volunteer? We will require a certain number of volunteers for field trips and off site activities however, our parents are not required to volunteer throughout the regular class season. There will be various opportunities to get involved in the classroom at specific points in the season should you wish to be involved.

check Are there active play opportunities to develop gross and fine motor skills? One of the highlights of AIM Preschool are the wide variety and ample opportunities for children to engage in active play. We believe that physical activity is critical for the development of a child’s gross motor skills and know that it promotes positive health and well-being. Table time is also a very important part of our program.  We believe it is crutial that children have daily exposure to fine motor activities, such as stringing beads, snipping paper strips, and pre-writing activities such as scribbling in shaving cream, etc.  Our artistic, active approach to learning will help to engage students in the lessons providing a fun and stimulating experience for all children!

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