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Financial Assistance


NEW in January 2022, the Government of Alberta launched a federal-provincial child care support which is great news for all of our families! There is a Affordability Grant that is sent directly to us as a Centre that helps with the cost of monthly fees. The Affordability Grant rate you are approved for is based on the number of days your child is enrolled with us. All children qualify for this grant – regardless of household income.
On top of that, subsidy has been expanded to families who make $180,000.00 or less per year – a substantial increase from years prior.
How much will I save with the Affordability Grant?
This depends on the age of your child and how many days a week they are enrolled in programming with us!
As of January 2024, this range is from $225/month to $883/month. You can click HERE to see the Affordability Chart provided by the government.
Click HERE to get more information and to apply online for government subsidy.



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