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Artists Corner 4-5 Years

Artists Corner Full Day Program (4 to 5 years)

Our Artists Corner classroom is dedicated to children 4-5 years of age. This bright classroom offers a blend of AIMPAC’s 4 year old classroom curriculum paired with educational enrichment for our students. This classroom is the perfect start to early childhood education for any 4 year old paired with a unique compliment to in-school learning for Kindergarten students. Our Performing Arts program is enriched with lessons in dance, music, tumbling, yoga, theatre, art + more! Inside the classroom, 4 year olds will participate in our enriched preschool curriculum while 5-6 year olds will continue their dance of independence through enhanced curriculum programming. This specialized program is available 2-5 days a week and offers a flexible drop-off & pick-up time between 7am -6pm. Experience the benefits of positive social interactions, child-led play, experienced educators and open art to encourage exploration and creativity that help to develop young, healthy, minds + bodies! Each day is filled with ample opportunities to create and grow in our state of the art 12,000 square foot Performing Arts facility. Wholesome nutrition and a balanced approach to supporting the healthy development of your child is always front of mind. We believe in making learning FUN and engaging with books, poems, songs, stories and most importantly – vast opportunities to PLAY and explore.  Unlike most childcare centres, children at Arts In Motion move through the facility for activities throughout the day. So, rather than being restricted to one specific classroom, children are exposed to a variety of meaningful new experiences and spaces each day – providing unique opportunities to learn and grow through the Performing Arts daily. Read on to learn more about a day in the life of AIM’s Artists Corner Full Day Programming. 

A Day In The Life! 

  • Arrival/Child-Directed Play: As children arrive, they participate in self-directed play..
  • Circle Time/Sharing Time: Children share stories and experiences during circle time, explore music and movement, and participate in pretend or dramatic play, alongside a creative artistic approach to learning new academic skills.
  • Morning Snack: Morning snack is served. Children participate socially by sharing the day’s events and social gatherings. Children help in cleaning up their dishes and preparing for the next activity.
  • Studio Time: Children will participate in gross motor activities, such as dance, yoga, tumbling, musical theatre, music class, games with balls, stretching and general guided activities in our Dance Studio classroom.
  • Circle Time: Educators make learning fun and engaging with books, poems, songs and stories – helping children to make connections between letters and words then words and sentences. A creative exploration of music and movement, with an emphasis on dramatic play for interaction and connection to learning that is focused on FUN. 
  • Craft Time/Open Art: Children do crafts and/or projects to help them practice following instructions, develop creative thinking, and do project work related to the theme or book of the day. 
  • Activity Centres: Children participate in self-directed play at the wide variety of activity centres available in the classroom.
  • Lunch Time: A nutritious lunch is prepared on site by our resident chef at the “Happy Cafe”. Educators assist in serving lunch, then sit and interact with children while they eat. 
  • Indoor/Outdoor Play – Child-directed Play: Children engage in indoor or outdoor play (weather permitting). They do exercise, play and activities that focus on large muscles.
  • Quiet Time: This is the time of day where children will experience quiet time for books, puzzles or quiet play with manipulatives and sensory bottles. Sleep mats will be available for children who wish to sleep or rest on a mat.
  • Afternoon Snack: Educators and children eat together. Children help in cleaning up dishes from table to wash bin.
  • Craft/Open- Art: Art projects are available for children to explore their natural and inherent curiosities, providing different mediums and textures to create with.
  • Studio Time: Children will participate in gross motor activities, music class, games with balls, stretching, dancing and general guided activities in our Dance Studio classroom or will participate in music lessons upstairs during this time.
  • Activity Centres: Children play in different activity centres within the classroom, active play, fine or gross motor activities.
  • Free Play + Pick Up: As parents pick up they will be directed to enter through our main lobby area via the login system available at the door.

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